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Street Art That Ironically Highlights Time Wasted On Social Media

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Parisian artist Above underlines how people waste too much time on social media, by painting statements as street art and taking 9,000 photographs of it over five days to construct a stop-motion animation.

The time-lapse painting—executed at GALORE festival in Copenhagen, Denkmark—was ironically reblogged and seen on social media outlets all over the world.

“Please join in and reblog on your Facebook and Twitter accounts,” he writes, maybe sarcastically. “Enjoy and try to keep up.”

In a statement on the video’s Vimeo page, he says: “People look at me like I’m from another planet when I tell them I don’t have social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.”

“In the eyes of social media I’m severely outdated, lost and not ‘connected’. Not partaking in the aforementioned social media makes me an outsider looking in on how hyper frequent society uses its sacred social media. I can’t help but observe the people around me who appear to be consumed and addicted to trying to keep up to speed on their social media pages,” he continues.

“You check your Facebook page while driving. Tweet a message that you ‘just took a shower’. Instagram a photo of your double soy macchiato with extra foam and so it continues ad infintum.”

“We live in a ridiculously hyper fast pace life where information exchanged so rapidly that it makes us feel inadequate and drains our attention span.”

Check out the video below:


[via Above]
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