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Coffee Reduces Pain?

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Good news for those who love their cup of java!

Norway-based researchers—Vegard Strøm, Cecilie Røe and Stein Knardahl of Norway’s National Institute of Occupational Health and Oslo University Hospital—have found that coffee reduces physical pain during computer work.

The study involved 48 volunteers who spent 90 minutes performing fake computer office-work task.


The tasks were known to cause pain in the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

19 of the volunteers who drank coffee reported a lower intensity of pain compared to other 29 who abstained from the drink.

However, the findings can’t be confirmed because of other-related and unknown factors.

Do you feel that coffee reduces your pain when at work?

[via BMC and BMC, image via FOOKPHOTO.COM / Shutterstock]
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