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Starbucks To Start Selling Coffee From Vending Machines

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Starbucks wants to make coffee available wherever and whenever.

Following the launch of its home coffee-making machines, the brand will soon be introducing vending machines on the streets in the UK, for passers-by to buy their favorite coffees.

The new vending machines—called ‘Starbucks On The Go’—will offer 280 drink combinations from lattes to cappuccinos, and feature a touchscreen interface that customers can use to order and play a game while waiting for their drinks.

According to the Daily Mail, fresh milk will be individually steamed, and the 100% Fairtrade Espresso coffee beans will be freshly ground for each drink.


It is also said that the Starbucks On The Go vending machines will take less than a minute to make the coffees.

Tall-sized drinks will be sold at $2.10 British pounds, while Grande-sized ones cost $2.40 British pounds—additional syrups and shots won’t be charged.

The machines will debut at four Sainsbury stores in the UK next week, and will later be rolled out at petrol stations, before heading across the country.

“We want to have thousands across the UK giving customers the opportunity to get Starbucks coffee wherever they are,” Ian Cranna, UK marketing vice-president, told the Daily Mail. “It is a response to a clear need. The most common thing I hear from customers is that they want a Starbucks closer by.”

[via Daily Mail]
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