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Mildly-Disturbing Scenes Discovered In Legoland Florida

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Travel writer and blogger Raymond Walsh has discovered 12 mildly-disturbing scenes amongst the carefully-constructed buildings of Legoland Florida.

“I first noticed a Speedo-clad LEGO man with a crab attacking his face and though it was pretty funny,” Walsh told CNNGo. “I figured if there was a scene like that one, there had to be others. I was on a mission after that.”

While on his hunt, Walsh found muggings, hangings, chokings, and even a crazy cat lady and a Fountain of Youth.

Miniland USA took two years to complete, and these ‘Easter Eggs’ were perhaps its builders' way to entertain themselves.

Check out some of the scenes below:

Man, who choked on a croissant, given the ‘Heimlich’ maneuver

Crazy cat lady


Public hanging

‘Hot’ Firemen

Fountain of Youth

Suspicious ice cream truck outside a ‘Forever 12’ store

Some images have been removed at the request of the creator

[via CNNGo and Man On The Lam]
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