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Top 10 Most Popular Stories over the Past Week

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1) Sexy LEGO Ads For Adults

The use of ‘sex’ in advertising has always been an effective way to attract the attention of potential customers.

2) Mildly-Disturbing Scenes Discovered In Legoland Florida

Travel writer and blogger Raymond Walsh has discovered 12 mildly-disturbing scenes amongst the carefully-constructed buildings of Legoland Florida.

3) IKEA Opens A Floating Night Market

Drawing inspiration from the floating markets in Asia, Swedish furniture giant IKEA decided to set up their own in Regent’s Canal in North London to launch their latest seasonal collection.

4) Hilarious Screenshots Of Apple’s New 'Maps' App

Less than a day after Apple’s iOS 6 release with its new in-house Maps app, users have tested and found that when using 3D-feature in Maps, some searches end up showing an apocalypse-like rendition of various parts of Earth.

5) Chinese Machine Automatically Extracts Sperms From The Penis

Chinese hospitals have introduced an ‘automatic sperm extractor’. According to China Hush and Weibo, the machine has a screen that plays movies with surround sound in the room, to get users ‘into the mood’.

6) In Controversial Ads, Benetton Challenges Ideas About Unemployed Youths


Following up on its “UNHATE” initiative, fashion retailer Benetton is back with another series of controversial ads.

7) Samsung Releases Anti-iPhone 5 Ads, Makes Fun Of Fanboys

Sour from the loss to Apple, and following up on its anti-iPhone ‘The Next Big Thing’ ads, Samsung has released a video that makes fun of Apple fanboys waiting in line for the iPhone 5.

8) ‘First-Ever’ Pictures Of A Young Banksy Painting A Mural In Mexico

Did you know street artist Banksy was an amateur footballer before he became UK’s most infamous ‘guerrilla’ artist?

9) The Future Of Bike Lanes?

Cycling is a healthier, cheaper and greener alternative to driving—but navigating around buses and cars on congested streets can be dangerous.

10) Negative Space In Logo Design

Great logos do more than just say the name of the company—they capture the personality, tone of voice and style of the brand.

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