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Top 10 Most Popular Stories over the Past Week

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1) Infographic: The Psychology Of Color

Have you ever wondered why most restaurants used the color ‘red’ in their logos, or why the color ‘black’ is often associated with death?

2) Sexy LEGO Ads For Adults

The use of ‘sex’ in advertising has always been an effective way to attract the attention of potential customers.

3) Bagel-Shaped Foreheads, The Latest Body-Modification Trend?

Some people will do just about anything to stand out in a crowd—some get tattoos, others get piercings—and there are those that get bagel-shaped foreheads.

4) For Couples In Long-Distance Relationships: A Gadget That Simulates Sex

If sending physical kisses isn’t enough for your partner and you—and you guys would like something more… intimate, maybe you should try the ‘LovePalz’.

5) Apple Explains Its iOS 6 ‘Maps’ App

As complaints of Apple’s new ‘Maps’ in iOS 6 continues, team leader Jackson Seepage explains what people are getting wrong about it.

6) Characteristics Of Highly-Creative People


"I recently ran a creative thinking workshop for some business students. At the end of the session one of the students asked me if I could spot a creative thinker. To my mind the question is moot as everyone (whether or not they realize it) thinks creatively at some point."

7) Korean Designer Reimagines Food Storage, Preservation, Without A Fridge

Korean designer Jihyum Ryou reimagines food storage without a fridge. In his project ‘Save Food From The Fridge’ Ryou uses traditional word-of-mouth knowledge and everyday objects to preserve food in an eco-friendly way, without the use of a fridge to keep the food fresh.

8) Google Street View Debuts Its First Underwater Feature, Lets You Explore Oceans

Google has debuted its underwater feature to its Street View maps. The online map now lets you virtually tour through the coral reefs of six oceans, such as Heron, Lady Elliot and Wilson Islands at the Great Barrier Reef; Molokini Crater and Hanauma Bay in Hawaii; and the Apo Island in Philippines.

9) World’s First ‘Tweet’ Shop Opens In London

Cereal maker Kellogg’s has opened the world’s first retail outlet that lets you pay by Tweet, instead of cash or credit. Located in central London, ‘The Tweet Shop’ was created to mark the cereal maker’s move into the savory chips market.

10) Chinese Machine Automatically Extracts Sperms From The Penis

Chinese hospitals have introduced an ‘automatic sperm extractor’. According to China Hush and Weibo, the machine has a screen that plays movies with surround sound in the room, to get users ‘into the mood’.

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