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McDonald’s Reveals How Its Beef Patties Are Made

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You’ve probably heard stories of how McDonald’s beef patties are made using unwanted parts of the cow, and how they’ve been laced with chemicals, fillers and additives to keep them “fresh and tasty”.

To prove that its patties are 100% beef, McDonald’s Canada has released a behind-the-scenes video of its patty processing plant in Alberta.

According to the video, McDonald's receives its beef in sealed containers from farms across Canada, and the beef is generally used within a day-and-a-half.

Its patties are made with a combination of lean and fatty beef—which are then frozen to keep the consistency without the need of binders, fillers or additives.

After the patties have been frozen, they are packed and shipped to McDonald’s outlets to make the burgers that we all love.

Whether you love or hate McDonald's, you must hand it to them for their transparent approach in answering customers’ questions.

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Click to watch the video below:


[via McDonald’s Canada]
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