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Designer Turns Wasted Food Into Clothes Buttons, Belt Buckles

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London-based designer Hoyan Ip reuses leftovers to create fashionable trimmings, such as buttons, belt buckles, sequins and embellishments in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Called ‘Bio-trimmings’, the wasted food—that was previously-destined to be disposed of—was, instead, dried, cooked, blended and transformed into sustainable products.

Ip hopes to promote the social, economical and environmental issues when it comes to food wastage and buying new clothes—and to develop an ethical and sustainable future.

“I propose to identify the relationship between food waste and waste produced from the fashion industry,” she writes. “[This project] holds a key to both sustainable fashion creation and reduction of global issues of food waste.”

“It can be argued that nothing is new anymore in terms of fashion clothing as similar trends are re-interpreted season by season and it is worthwhile to preserve what we already have in our wardrobe ready for it to be a current trend again.”

“As there are more and more designers emerging, there is very little we can do to dispose of the unwanted clothes ethically especially when you realize such sensitivity and though has gone into making a garment,” she adds.

“The solution is to re-use the clothes, de-brand them, repair them and wear them.”

Would you wear clothing partly made of wasted food?


[via Hoyan Ip]
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