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New York Bakery Creates ‘Bagel Grabber’ Machine, Lets Users Play For A Snack

Based on research revealing that Brits don’t have enough time to stop for breakfast or lunch, New York Bakery Co created a solution: an arcade game-like machine that lets the hungry grab a snack on-the-go.

Cooler than vending machines, the ‘Bagel Grabber’ lets users play for a free bagel and pick a flavor of their choice.

Users had to control the grabbing contraption to pick up a bagel, before the machine could dispense a free bagel.

The machine dispensed three flavors: sweet cinnamon & raisin, savory crunchy sesame, and classic plain.

The bagel grabber was located in Hoxton Square and Shoreditch, London, and was created as part of a marketing initiative.

[via New York Bakery Co. Bagels]
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