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Interactive Halloween T-Shirt Uses A Smartphone To Show Off Your Beating Heart

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For Halloween this year, don’t bother dressing up as the typical monster—instead, give everyone a real scare by having a bloody, gaping hole in the chest that shows off your beating heart.

T-shirt design company Digital Dudz has released a series of cool Halloween t-shirts that lets you attach a smartphone in strategically-placed holes on the outfits.

Using their free iOS or Android app, you can display various creepy animations such as a beating heart, ghostly eyes and squirming maggots in your chest to terrify onlookers.

The app plays different animations, so you would have to match the animation to the appropriate shirt design.

Each shirt cost US$23.50, while the special ‘iWound’ (for the chest) cost $34.50 each.

For more information, check out their video below:


[via Digital Dudz]
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