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A Social Media App To Keep ‘Dating To Married’ Couples Connected

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Avocado Software Inc has created a social media app for couples—to keep significant others that are at various stages in their relationships connected.

The appAvocado’ is different from the previously-featured long-distance relationship app Pair, as Avocado acts more like hub—like Facebook, but private.

On Avocado, users can create shared galleries, multiple lists, send messages, and send quick notes with customized emoticons—more features, such as a calendar feature, would also be added in the future.

It neatly archives you and significant other’s relationship, so you can go back to ‘walk down memory lane’.

And in a way, the app ‘grows’ along with the relationship.

While creating the app, the Avocado team collected feedback from couples.

Jenna Bilotta, one of Avocado’s co-founders who previously-worked at Google, told Fast Co. Design that the team identified three distinct phases for relationships: the first, exclusive dating, where messages and photo-sharing are important; then, cohabitation, where list-making is important; and finally, the couples and kids stage, where calendars become important.

The various phases were taken into consideration when creating the app.

Avocado is available for both iOS and Android devices, and can be purchased at US$0.99.


[via Avocado]
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