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A 'Human Skin' Jewelry Line That Celebrates Our ‘Imperfections’

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Taiwanese designer I-Ting Ho has created a jewelry line that mimics the human skin—celebrating our flaws and imperfections.

Called ‘Skin Secret’, she uses flaps of dimpled silicone rubber to form a range of flesh earrings, nipple brooches, sanitary pads, belly necklaces.

According to Ho, she created this jewelry line of blemished skin to create "a challengeable situation" and "conflicting dialogue with the audience".

She explains how people cannot keep their eyes off "disgusting things" and that these things can powerfully grab their attention.

“In the project, my work will not be viewed just like ordinary jewelry that is shiny or attractive, but will encourage people to think differently,” she said.


[via I-Ting Ho]
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