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A Book Of Funny ‘Hate Mail’

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For a small fee, UK-based illustrator Mr Bingo will help you send hate mail.

He takes a postcard, writes an offensive message and add an original drawing to accompany it, and send it to whomever you’d like.

The results are usually pretty hilarious.

Now, having done over 400 ‘Hate Mails’, he has collated them into a book—to tell strangers to “f*ck off”, he describes.

How it started?

“Last year, I sent a postcard to a stranger called Jonathan Hopkins. It said on it ‘F*ck you Jonathan, f*ck you and f*ck your sh*t legs’. People seemed to be into it, so I opened a service on my website,” he wrote.

The book entitled ‘Hate Mail’, is available on Amazon.


[via Mr Bingo]
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