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The Bible’s New Testament, LEGO Edition

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San Francisco artist/illustrator Brendan Powell Smith spent the past decade piecing together scenes from the Bible using LEGO bricks.

Fueled by the desire to have people know the Bible better, he illustrated hundreds of Bible stories with characters and settings constructed completely out of LEGO.

Following the publication of The Brick Bible: A New Spin on The Old Testament last year, his latest book The Brick Bible: The New Testament – A New Spin on the Story of Jesus has just been released.

Filled with almost 300 pages of full-colour scenes from all the Gospels and the books of Acts and Revelation, the graphic novel will have you looking at these Jesus stories through a new eye.

View selected images from the new book below—you will be surprised by how cute the Bible can be:


[via Brendan Powell Smith]
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