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The Boyfriend Pillow, For ‘Forever Alone’ Women

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Are you lacking companionship or tired of sleeping alone at night?

If ‘yes’ is your answer, then this pillow has been made just for you.

The ‘Boyfriend Pillow’ has been designed in the shape of a man’s torso for women to lean on—it can be used as a body pillow or a neck roll—making it great for sleep and cuddles.

Unlike a normal pillow, it has a built-in arm, which you can wrap around your body to simulate a lover’s embrace—holding you close as you drift into sleep.


With some imagination, women can even throw their favorite men’s cologne on the pillow and pretend that it’s the man of their dreams.

The Boyfriend Pillow will always provide a shoulder for you to lie or cry on—it is currently being sold on Amazon for US$34.95.

They should create a ‘Girlfriend Pillow’—‘forever alone’ guys need some love too.

[via Amazon]
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