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In Russia, Apple’s Logo Gets Swapped For A Cross

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In Russia, orthodox Christians are removing the Apple logotype from the company’s products and, instead, are replacing it with a cross sign, the symbol Jesus Christ.

Conservative Christians find that the half-bitten apple logo insults their belief, and symbolizes “the original sin of Adam and Eve, and is generally anti-Christian”—according to a report from Interfax news agency, translated by X-bit labs.


The apple is often used to represent the fruit that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge when tempted by the devil (Genesis 3)—although the exact type of fruit is not mentioned in the Scripture.

Currently, the Russian parliament is considering new laws to defend religious, spiritual or national values from insult and blasphemy.

Apple may have to either replace its logo, or stop sales of its products in the country.

[via X-bit labs and Christian Today, image via dedMazay / Shutterstock]
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