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Top 10 Most Popular Stories over the Past Week

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1) In Paris, An Inflatable Trampoline Bridge

There are many ways to cross the River Seine, but the inflatable trampoline bridge envisioned by Paris-based agency AZC must surely be one of the most enjoyable ones.

2) 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Client

American Express’ OPEN Forum has created an infographic that looks at the importance of words, and the verbal slip-ups, when it comes to dealing with clients.

3) New York Restaurant Introduces ‘Instagram Menu’

Tapping on this social phenomenon, New York City restaurant Comodo has ingeniously decided to use these photos of its customers to create a version of its menu on Instagram.

4) ‘Where The Internet Lives’: A Glimpse Inside Google’s Private Data Centers

New York City-based architecture and interiors photographer Connie Zhou was invited by Google to its high-tech data centers, to create a photo series that gives viewers a glimpse into its strictly off-limits world.

5) App Tells You When’s A Good Time To Take A Toilet Break During A Movie

If you have ever had to hold it in and put off going to the toilet during a movie—because you didn’t want to miss anything important—you’d know where mobile app ‘RunPee’ is coming from.

6) Graphic Designer Creates An ‘Illusion’ Font


London-based graphic designer Mothiur Rahman has created an ‘illusion’ type font using parallel lines set against each other.

7) A Book Of Poems Written By Cats

New York-based writer—and we assume, cat-lover—Francesco Marciuliano has given cats a voice, by publishing a book of poems “written” by cats.

8) The World’s First Charitable Porn Site

Milan-based start-up Come4 is a free, not-for-profit, ethically-inspired pornography website that plans to donate all proceeds to charity.

9) Google Releases Ultra-Slim $249 Laptop

Google has unveiled its new Samsung-made ‘Chromebook’, a laptop that weighs 2.5 pounds, measure 0.8-inches thin and costs US$249.

10) ‘Blue’ Is The Most Popular Color On The Web?

Facebook and Twitter use the color blue, most healthcare companies use the color blue.

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