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$50 Cup Of Coffee Made From Elephant Dung

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As a coffee lover, you would probably know about civet dung coffee, a luxury brew known as the “caviar of coffee”—but have you heard of the US$50 cup of coffee that is made from elephant dung?

Currently only sold at the Anantara hotels in Northern Thailand and the Maldives, the “Black Ivory” coffee beans are refined at an elephant camp in Chiang Rai.

Thai Arabica cherries—which contain the coffee beans—are fed to the elephants to be digested and excreted before the beans are collected, dried and processed.


In a process similar to the production of civet dung coffee, the enzymes in the elephant’s digestive system remove the protein that makes coffee bitter, thus making it an aromatic and smooth brew.

Exotic, or digusting?

[via CNN GO]
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