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Jägermeister Bottle Label Appears Only When Chilled

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Russian graphic designer Semyon Kirilin has created a new bottle for German herbal liquor brand, Jägermeister.

The result of a major redesign of the green, medicinal-looking glass bottle that Jägermeister traditionally came in—Kirilin’s matte black bottle only retained the original’s boxy, rectangular shape.

At room temperature, the bottle would seem to be a nondescript, all-black container.

However, after placing it in a fridge, the bottle’s thermo-sensitive label would gradually appear—like magic.

We do wonder if the barcode at the back of the bottle can still be scanned even when it is invisible.

Created as a student project that is unassociated with Jägermeister's company policy, it is unlikely that we will be seeing this new packaging on the market any time soon—nonetheless, it is still a pretty cool idea.

[via Semyon Kirilin]
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