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Portraits Of Retired Playboy Bunnies

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‘The House Bunny’ is a Hollywood comedy that gives a humorous take on what may happen to over-aged playboy bunnies⎯but what really happens to retired playboy bunnies?

San Francisco-based artist/photographer Robyn Twomey answers that question with a portrait series of post-career, middle-aged former-Playboy bunnies.

Taken at a Playboy Bunny reunion in Las Vegas, the photographs have not been digitally retouched⎯so as to provide a truly-realistic picture of life after the Playboy Mansion.

According to Twomey, these ladies are “complex characters that are proud and empowered by their beauty and sexuality, at the same time stricken by the fleeting nature of it”.

A poignant study of age and beauty, this collection of pictures is also compelling evidence of universal transience.


[via Robyn Twomey]
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