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Emergency Compliments To Boost Your Ego

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To help you feel better, Oregon-based illustrator Megs Senk has created a website that issues ‘Emergency Compliments’ to stroke your ego.

“Sometimes you just need someone to tell you it’s ok/that your breath smells great/that you were really spellbinding in your high school performance of Grease/etc,” Senk wrote.

“Sometimes you need a website to tell you all that stuff.”

On her website, you’ll find hilarious life-affirming compliments—such as “All your friends worry they aren’t as funny as you”, “Every other country is super jealous you’re a citizen in this country”, and “Your boss loved that thing you did at work today”.

If you’re having a terrible day, we hope these emergency compliments will cheer you up!

Check out some of her compliments below:


[via Emergency Compliment]
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