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Turn Your Photo-Taking Habits Into Infographics

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You may not know this, but the pictures in your phone is much more than just moments frozen in time⎯they also contain a wealth of data about your photography habits.

By going through and analyzing each and every photograph in your phone, the app ‘InFoto’ will convert them into pretty and easily-interpreted infographics of your photographic style.

The resulting infographic will display data, such as where in the world your pictures have been take, what time of the day you prefer to shoot, and the ISO values of your photographs.

The elegantly-designed infographics⎯that may rival those made in Illustrator and Photoshop⎯can be shared easily with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Android app is available for US$0.99 on the Google Play Store.


[via App Storm]
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