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Google Maps Takes ‘Street View’ To The Grand Canyon

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After giving millions of armchair travelers access to the Amazon, the Antarctica and the Swiss Alps via its ‘Street View’ feature, Google Maps has set out once again to bring us more images of remote destinations⎯this time, to the Grand Canyon.

Armed with the “Trekker” system⎯a backpack with a Google camera on top⎯the Street View team has hiked through the Grand Canyon, a place where no car, tricycle or snowmobile has been.

To map the narrow ridges and steep trails of this majestic natural wonder, the team has to walk throughout the expedition.

The Trekker backpack⎯controlled with an Android phone⎯automatically takes photographs throughout the trip.

These photographs will provide a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon, allowing viewers to visualize actually being there.


[via Wired]
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