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Japanese Restaurant Serves ‘Giant-Sized Sushi’

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If you can’t get enough of sushi, sushi restaurant Umewaka, located in Aichi Prefecture of Nagoya, Japan, will help you get your fill.

Known to serve generous portions known as “Nagoya size”, Umewaka creates over-the-top, insanely large sushi.

Its super-sized Anago (conger eel) sushi uses several slabs of eel fillets, costs ¥2,620 (US$33) and will easily feed up to 6-8 sushi lovers.

Its jumbo Futomaki roll is stuffed with 20 types of raw fish and seafood, on a two-meter bed of rice and nori seaweed, costs ¥15,000 (US$190) and weighs nearly 6kg.

Those interested in trying the behemoth sushi roll must reserve it two days in advance.

The restaurant also offers mountainous portions of Ikura (salmon roe), Tamago (egg), Octopus, Squid and Tuna—of which, each slab is enough to create 40 regular-sized Nigiri sushi portions, according to Japan Sugio.

If you dare take on any of the giant sushis, you’d better finish it all up—as in Japanese culture, it’s only polite to not leave anything wasted.


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[via Kotaku, Eatravel and Japan Sugio]
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