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‘Puzzle Keyboard’ Lets You Arrange Keys To Your Preference

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Designer Wan Fu Chun has come up with a concept computer keyboard that users can customize according to their needs.

Hailed as ‘Puzzle’, the keyboard works like a puzzle and allows users to personalize key arrangements.

Users can remove keys that they hardly use, and keep them aside for later, or come up with their own personalized key arrangements for more efficient typing.


Puzzle keyboard can also be arranged to be like a remote control when watching movies or shows on the computer.

Plus, for those who get wrist, hand or arm injuries, the keyboard could come in handy—more frequently-used keys can be placed on one side for easier typing.

Keys of Puzzle could also be stolen as a prank—imaginefriendstypingwithoutaspacebar.

Could this be the keyboard of the future?

[via red dot]
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