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Japanese Toilet Maker Creates A ‘Toilet Soccer Goalie’

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Japanese toilet maker TOTO has collaborated with sports lottery organization toto to create a toilet that blocks shots by soccer players.

The toilet, dubbed ‘Super Great Toilet Keeper’ (SGTK), is able to block soccer balls and save any kind of shoot.

SGTK analyzes and predicts the final destination of the ball in under 0.1 second with the help of two high-speed cameras placed on the goal posts.

It then adjusts its position and thrusts a ball out of the toilet bowl, to deflect the soccer ball being shot at it.

Inspired by TOTO’s technology and toto’s predictability, the toilet goalie can react to balls shot as fast as 160 km/h (100 mph).

SGTK will not be manufactured or sold, but you can watch it at work in the video below:


[via TOTO x toto, images via Facebook]
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