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2013 Typographic Wall Calendar: Made Using 2013 Keyboard Keys

Click to view enlarged version

In an ongoing series, Frankfurt, Germany-based typographer Harald Geisler has created a ‘2013 Typographic Wall’ calendar made with 2013 keyboard keys.

The large, printed wall calendar requires users to find dates in a fun and creative way—the keys are arranged in a grid, and when users read them from left to right, they can read the day and year in sequence, eg: January TUE 01 WED 02 THUR 03.

The calendar is on sale here.

Each month is differentiated by two ‘star keys’ for users to more easily scan the calendar.

A whiteboard marker can also be used to write events on the calendar.

Currently, the project is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Click to view enlarged version

[via Harald Geisler]
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