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Domino’s Unveils The ‘Ultimate Pizza Delivery Vehicle’

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For Domino’s Pizza’s ‘Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge’, car design community Local Motors has announced the winning concept.

The ‘Domino’s Pack’—designed by Anej Kostrevic from Slovenia—is a small and agile pizza delivery vehicle that’s packed with all the functionalities a modern pizza deliverer needs to get pizzas to customers on time.

It’s small size makes it easy to manoeuver through the city, and comes with sliding side doors, a rear-view camera, and an auxiliary light integrated in the right side mirror to illuminate the surroundings, so that the delivery person can find their way with the pizza at night.

Within the vehicle, there are sliding shelves for carrying pizzas, and a refrigerated drawer to store sodas and salads that can hold up to nine two-liter soda bottles.

A navigation system with large touchscreen display is also mounted next to the driver, to provide location and navigation information.


[via Local Motors]
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