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In Literal Ads, A Gummy Bear And Gingerbread Man Get ‘Murdered’

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Dublin-based creative agency Boys and Girls’ campaign for slimming brand Slimsticks takes a hilariously literal approach to getting rid of food cravings by “murdering” them.

The tongue-in-cheek print ads for the slimming product—that promises to “kill” your cravings and help you lose weight—feature homicidal scenes of “murdered” sweet snacks.

The trio of images—which show a gummy bear funeral, a fatally-wounded chocolate bear oozing chocolate sauce, and a ‘dead’ gingerbread man—are darkly funny and cleverly brings the message across.


Now we know that measuring tapes and bikini shots are not mandatory in slimming ads—and that there are other ways to get rid of food cravings other than eating them.

[via Boys And Girls]
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