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Online Game Pits Real-Life ‘Cute’ Pets Against Each Other

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To help pet owners settle their argument on ‘whose pet is cuter’, San Francisco-based writer Derek Powazek founded a website that allows real-life pets to compete against each other.

CalledCute-Fight’, pet owners can create profiles of their pets and upload cute pictures of them on the website.

Once the profile has been created, the owners become ‘managers’ and their pets become ‘fighters’.

As managers, they can send their pets to ‘battle’ with other fighters in a challenge of cuteness—if the challenge is accepted, the community will determine the winner through voting and it will receive a virtual trophy and ‘bragging rights’.

According to a statement taken from the website, it says, “Why do this? Because we love our pets, but it’s time they earned their keep. Because who hasn’t had Rocky fantasies? Because we’re tired of talking about ourselves online, so we might as well talk about our pets. But most of all, because it’s fun.”

“Hey, you’re cute. Let’s fight.”


[via Cute-Fight]
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