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App Lets You Compose Music With Tweets

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Mineral water brand Evian has created a fun new Twitter-based app that will allow users to interact with their Twitter timeline in a refreshingly different, musical way.

Featuring a clean, minimalist design, ‘Melotweet’ will transform incoming tweets on your timeline into “water droplets” that will fall onto various virtual obstacles—a musical note is generated at each impact—creating a melody by the time they reach the bottom of the screen.

Users can insert more obstacles—in the form of inclined slopes and spheres—to create a more complex route for the incoming tweets to “bounce off”, and in so, compose a unique melody.

Click on a falling droplet to read the corresponding tweet—you can then “retweet”, “favourite” or follow the link on the tweet.

The app is available for the iPad and Android tablets.


[via Melotweet]
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