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A ‘Spaceship’ For Power Naps In The Office

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Office furniture-maker Haworth has created a futuristic, spaceship-like capsule that is designed for office workers to take power naps in.

Inspired by science fiction literary culture, ‘CalmSpace’ is a highly regulated environment—featuring automated LED and music cycles—that allows employees to take 10-to-20 minute naps during the workday.

As opposed to the whimsical zen-inspired sleeping pods popular at some creative offices, its designers made CalmSpace to look functional and controlled on the outside—to express that nap time can be a very official thing.

At the same time, the inside of CalmSpace was designed to be cozy enough to lull people to sleep—for instance, a straight acoustic curtain provides sleepers with privacy without giving a sense of confinement.


[via Fast Co. Design]
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