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Illustrator Draws Funny Cartoons Of Cats

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Norwich, UK-based freelance illustrator Gemma Correll interprets cats and their actions in a comical light for her adorable cartoons.

In her new “cat-tastic” book (according to Correll), entitled ‘A Cat’s Life’, features whimsical, lighthearted illustrations of felines that cat lovers, crazy cat ladies and friends of feline-lovers alike can relate to.

“Worshipped since ancient times, cats are fickle, capricious, and fiendishly clever. Oh did we mention “vain”, “elegant”, and “charming?” Correll wrote.

“These willful creatures are masters of our homes, our wallets, and our hearts. By treating us with casual indifference our feline taskmasters keep us in our rightful place.”

A Cat’s Life is available on Amazon.


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