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'Low-Tech Popcorn Machine' Makes The Snack One At A Time

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Luassane, Switzerland-based design students Laurent Beirnaert, Pierre Bouvier and Paul Tubiana of ECAL university created a popcorn-making that reinvents the way we make and consume the tasty, but unhealthy, snack.

As part of the “Low-Tech Factory” exhibition for Designers’ Saturday, the machine ‘Oncle Sam’ reinterprets the conventional manufacturing process of popcorn—processing grains one by one, focusing on transformation of corn into popcorn.

Oncle Sam combines the ‘cinema’ and the ‘food’ of the “cinema food”, and gives its audience and consumer a visual and gastronomic satisfaction—by isolating an explosion (‘popping’) that usually occurs en masse, for the spectacle to be appreciated.


The tea-light candle first heats the raw kernel in oil—with some salt for taste—until it explodes into its fluffy, delicious glory.

Watch the machine at work below:

[via designboom]
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