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Average Office Workers Admit To Wasting 3 Hours Per 8-Hour Workday

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US-based safety training video supplier Compliance and Safety created an infographic that looks at the ‘laziness’ in the workplace, and reveals how much time is wasted per day in the office.

Entitled ‘Workplace Productivity Infographic: Hardly Working’, the infographic states that the average worker admits to frittering away 3 hours per 8-hour workday—sans lunch time and scheduled breaks.

Instead of being productive, workers are distracted by web surfing, socializing with co-workers, spacing out, and applying for other jobs.

Sometimes, when presumably working, workers also use the internet for personal purposes, online purchases, watching YouTube.


It also claims that older workers waste less time.

But workers have their reasons why they waste time: they feel underpaid, they lack work to do, or are distracted by co-workers.

Is this true?

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Compliance and Safety]
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