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99 Giant Red Balloons Produce Enough Clean Energy To Power 4,500 Homes

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Inspired by ‘80s German pop song “99 Luffballoons”, Winnipeg-based urban design company Nadi Design Studio has created a concept installation piece of 99 giant red balloons that produces clean, solar-generated energy.

These immensely large balloons do not only look attractive—they are also solar generators that are capable of capturing enough energy from the sun to power 4,500 homes.

Lined with transparent organic solar cells, the balloons turn from an opaque red to transparent when its solar harvesting system is triggered by human interaction on specific pathways that lace the installation grounds.

This award-winning installation is designed to mark landfills⎯so as to bring attention to the waste problem⎯and as a productive source of clean energy.


[via ArchDaily]
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