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Nissan Creates Voice-Controlled Race Cars

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To help fulfill your childhood dream of being a race car driver, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has developed a game that puts you ‘behind the wheel’ of a voice-controlled car.

Created to promote its new 2-seater sports car—theFairlady 370Z—the game ‘Voice Driver Cup’ pits you against other drivers, where your voice serves as the car’s controller

Using an iPhone app or a computer microphone, you can control the speed of your race car with the volume of your voice—the louder your voice, the faster your car drives.

Nissan already hosted the first ever Voice Driver ‘Grand Prix’ at the company headquarters in Japan last Saturday.

But fear not wannabe race car drivers—Nissan will be hosting a global Grand Prix on 17 November 2012—allowing anyone in the world to compete without leaving their homes.


Click to watch the video below:

[via Ubergizmo]
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