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In Paris, A Deliberately Wobbly Bridge

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French architecture studio bureau faceB is developing an unusual new bridge on Paris’ Seine River—one that is designed to be intentionally unstable.

Constructed from steel cables, the “Water At-traction” presents the pedestrian with two ways of crossing the river—a typical bridge with a concrete mesh bottom and a series of perilously narrow, wobbly paths.

The bridge’s makers intend for the pedestrian to “flirt” with the Seine by getting closer to the water—you can even sit down on the bridge and have lunch.

Although the bridge’s instability is just an illusion—the structure is well-grounded and steel balustrades should prevent anyone from falling into the water—this still makes for a rather nerve-wrecking trek across the river.

Reminiscent of shaky footbridges one would expect to find in the high mountains, this will certainly add a healthy dose of adventure to the daily commute.


[via bureau faceB]
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