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Illustrator Documents The Lonely, Darkly Funny Lives Of New Yorkers

Illustrator and long-time New Yorker contributor Adrian Tomine has published an anthology of his drawings—New York Drawings—that centers around the lonely, darkly funny lives of New Yorkers.

Consisting of both his most popular works and drawings that were previously unseen, Tomine has an uncanny ability to capture the small-but-significant moments that make living in New York a unique experience.

From awkward encounters with neighbors to scenes on the subway, New York Drawings documents the tiny tragedies and little joys of modern city life.

Funny and poignant at the same time, these drawings—based on life in New York City—are relatable for most city dwellers who know how lonely it could get in a crowded, impersonal metropolis.

The seventh book by Tomine is available on Amazon.

[via Adrian Tomine]
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