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Slogans For The Early 21st Century

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Novelist, designer and visual artist Douglas Coupland has summed up the uniqueness of the early 21st century—as opposed to the 20th century—succinctly with funny yet thought-provoking slogans.

Printed as statement-making typographic posters, these slogans will resonate with the generation that grew up with the internet, which cannot imagine a world that is less connected than it is now.

Mostly centered around the internet and its accompanying culture, many of the slogans make references to the irreversible changes in human life that has been caused by the use of modern technologies.

Exuding a dystopian vibe, these slogans not only poke fun at the absurdities of a digitalized world but also seem to hint at a darker future, where our addiction to web technology can potentially result in more dire consequences.


[via Douglas Coupland]
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