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Ad Agency Creates Passive-Aggressive Parking Signs

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Atlanta, US-based ad agency Partners + Napier has come up with a series of parking lot rules for its office.

At first glance, the passive-aggressive signs look like real “no parking” signs to shoo off people, who have no business with the agency, from the employees- or visitors-only parking area.

However, they humorously contain sarcastic insults to anyone who parks without permissions.

One of the signs writes: “Parking in this space will result in your vehicle being towed and a considerable fine. Have you no soul? If you are willing to park here, what else are you capable of? Do you zoom through mall parking lots, cutting off old ladies that need to sit on pillows to see over their steering wheels? Just to steal their space when they clearly have a permit. You may even fake a limp as you pass by pregnant women who’ve had to schlep the extra distance into the store. It’s more likely you skip though. Just to be a schmuk. Well, you’ve parked in the wrong non-handicap space this time. Now that your car’s been towed and you can’t get around, you’re handicapped. And like a cane upside the head, you’re gonna get hit with a fine. This one’s for all the Grandmas out there.”

The agency also wrote up some fake parking tickets to ‘warn’ offenders.


[via Ads of the World]
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