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Photographer Creates Surreal Landscapes Using Breakfast Cereal

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Arizona-based photographer Ernie Button has started on a photo series that takes “playing with your food” to the next level.

Titled ‘Cerealism’, he uses breakfast cereal to create an impressive collection of surreal landscape images.

Button said that the idea came to him one day while walking down the cereal aisle of a local grocery store, when he spotted a box of King Vitamin (a popular 70s cereal) next to a box of Choco Donuts and Cap’n Crunch.

Looking at the other cereals in the aisle, he realized that breakfast cereals have changed from “mere nutrition to sheer entertainment”.

Influenced by the shapes, colors and textures of the Arizona desert that surrounds him, he arranges the cereals to form impressive landscapes of pyramids, fields and mountains.

“It is apparent that cereal is not just for breakfast anymore,” Button said in a statement, “Cereal has evolved into pop culture objects instead of just nutritious corn pops.

Check out his works below:


[via Ernie Button]
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