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Photoshop Etiquette: How To Not Piss Off Other Designers

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To help promote a more proper Photoshop practice among his fellow designers, user interface designer Dan Rose has created a website called ‘Photoshop Etiquette’.

Inside it, visitors will find a range of tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop so that they won't piss off their colleagues—like naming your layers accurately, proofreading and using licensed photos.

“Designers overlook it. Developers demand it. There’s always been a need for discernible web design in Photoshop. Nobody likes inheriting muddy PSDs, and Photoshop Eiquette’s purpose is to help you improve the clarity of yours. Do so, and you’ll have the requisite pride needed to be deemed a “Layer Mayor”,” Rose wrote in a statement.

For more tips, check out Photoshop Etiquette.


[via Photoshop Etiquette]
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