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For The End Of The US Presidential Election 2012…

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Elections have been happening all over the world throughout the years.

To commemorate the end of this year’s US Presidential Election, we bring you election-related art pieces from The Bazaar.

Check them out below:

by Emel Akiah

How to get made an MP, 19th July 1830 (colour engraving)
by William Heath

The Election of the Tsar Michael Romanov (1596-1676) on March 14th 1613, 1798-1800 (oil on canvas)
by Grigoriy Ivanovich Ugryumov


Electoral campaign poster for the Union nomination with Abraham Lincoln running for President and Andrew Johnson for Vice-President (colour litho)
by American School

Liberal Party Poster for the British General Election of January 1910 (colour litho)
by English School

The Forty-Three Elected Representatives of France, caricature of the election of 8th February 1871 (coloured engraving)
by French School

Electing the Queen of the Bohemians, Sainte-Maries-de-la-Mer, front cover illustration from 'Le Petit Journal', supplement illustre, 1st June 1913 (colour litho)
by French School

Mr Pickwick on Election Day at Eatenswill, illustration from 'Pickwick Papers' by Charles Dickens (1812-70) (coloured engraving)
by Hablot Knight Browne

Let Us Elect the Worthy to the Local Soviets, c.1960s (gouache on paper)
by Vadim Petrovich Volikov

Election of Fabian (d.c.250) to the papacy (oil on panel)
by Jaume Huguet
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