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Nokia Hires Orchestra To Create New Ringtones

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Nokia’s Sound Design team has hired Brastislava Symphony Orchestra to create 25 new classical music ringtones.

The original pieces were composed by five Nokia Design in-house Sound designers, and then recorded with 55 members from the Orchestra led by David Hernando Rico, and a recording team.

The audio pieces are said to “resemble something you might expect to hear in a video game or in a movie”, Adam Fraser of Nokia said in a blog post.

Some of the ringtones will be preinstalled on the new Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820—while others would be available in upcoming device models in the next few months or year.

“One of the first things you do when you buy a new phone is go through the settings and find the ring tone that suits you,” Fraser wrote. “Those ring tones are carefully crafted and fine-tuned to sound just perfect.”


“When you think of design, you probably imagine what something looks like. However, there’s more to design than meets the eye. Sound design is just as important as hardware or software design and when it comes to mobile phones, it’s all about being able to design a whole package.”

“When it comes to ring tones, they’re usually created in a studio using a synthesiser to produce a wide variety of sounds. While this does produce great results, Nokia wanted to bring the audio experience to life.”

Is Nokia making the right move, or is hiring an orchestra to create ringtones just a novelty?

[via The Official Nokia Blog]
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