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Famous People As ‘Mr Potato Head’

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To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Hasbro’s popular toy “Mr Potato Head”—know for its role in the animated movie series Toy Story—Mexico-based designer Nacho Tamez has created a collection of digital images that features Mr Potato Head as famous personalities.

These celebrities, who have been re-imagined in deconstructable toy form, have been chosen because they were born in the same year as Mr Potato Head.

Including well-known characters like rock-star Dee Dee Ramone and Alfred E Neuman of MAD magazine, there is also an image of Jesus Christ—although Jesus was born 1,952 years before Mr Potato Head, both are icons.

With the 3D-printing photo booth now a reality, perhaps we can all create Mr Potato Head versions of ourselves in the near future?


[via Media Bullys]
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