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‘Tiny Instagram Projector’ Shows Your Pictures On 35mm Film

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Reminiscing the once-popular Kodak Carousel slide projector, London-based designer Benjamin Redford has developed a tiny Instagram projector.

Called ‘Projecteo’, the tiny projector is almost the size of a matchbox, and uses wheels of 35 mm slide film to showcase your images from Instagram.

Each film wheel holds up to nine photos selected by users.

After selecting the nine photos users wish to put into the wheel, the developers would ‘melt’ the images into a single frame of a 35mm film—which would then be cut using a custom circle cutter, and placed into a wheel.

Users can create as many wheels as they’d like for their Projecteo—perhaps each of a different theme for a nostalgic slideshow.

Currently, the tiny Instagram projector is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Has the future of photography gone old-school?


[via Kickstarter]
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