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Dutch Hotel Prides Itself For Being ‘World’s Worst Hotel’

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Amsterdam budget hotel Hans Brinker Budget Hostel—which proclaimed itself to be the worst hotel in the world—has been “proudly disappointing travellers for forty years”.

Warning guests that they will be staying at the hostel at their own risk—which may include food poisoning and mental breakdown—the owners are not only open about their low standard of hospitality and awful amenities, but appear to be using it to set themselves apart from the competition.

Going so far as to produce a series of funny, tongue-in-cheek advertising slogans that highlight its shortcomings—such as “It can’t get any worse, but we do our best.”—the hostel’s reverse-psychology approach seems to be working.

For some reason, most of the hostel’s cell-like rooms are filled these days—perhaps its unapologetic notoriety attracts curious visitors like moths to a flame.


Would you stay in the worst hotel in the world?

[via Oddity Central]
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