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Vehicle Costume Lets You Become A Real-Life ‘Transformer’

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Inspired by Japanese fiction of transforming alien robots Transformers, Drew Beaumier has been creating life-size costumes that let its wearers become a real-life Optimus Prime.

Called ‘Drive Suits’, the costume comes with motorized knee-mounted drive boots, a helmet, a vehicle body, a battery belt and charger.

When users kneel on the ground to become a ‘vehicle’, the motor-equipped drive boots can move its wearer at a speed of up to 12 mph.

Users can come out of ‘vehicle’ mode by immediately standing up when they wish to strut around.


Each suit is handmade from used toys and sporting gear, and takes Beaumier about 50 hours to assemble.

Check out the suit in action in the cheesy video below:

[via Drive Suits]
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