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Talking Streets Signs Help Tourists Pronounce Foreign Street Names

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As visitors to Denmark, design students Momo Miyazaki and
Andrew Spitz have problems pronouncing the Danish street names—as such they came up with a plan.

Miyazaki and Spitz created talking street signs—as an interactive installation entitled ‘WTPh? (What the Phonics)’—in the touristic areas of Copenhagen, that teach visitors how to pronounce the street names.

The duo recorded a Danish person speaking the street names, and split each syllable up.


In karaoke style, lights were placed above the matching syllable of the street sign to show viewers which part of the word is being spoken in real-time—and how to articulate the street names syllable-by-syllable.

To hear the street name, passers-by just have to touch the speaker attached to the street sign and listen to the recording.

[via WTPh? – What the Phonics]
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